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If you could learn or unlearn one thing, what would it be?

Something that you wish you had the time for, but don't have such luxury. Be as detailed as you like.


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    Jun 4 2012: I do not wish to unlearn anything.

    This is because whatever you learn or unlearn, you learn something else from it. For instance, if you've learned a bad habit, then you'll later learn that you'll need to stop it and that it is negatively effecting you.

    Maybe my description and explanation is slightly confusing, but I hope you all understand somewhat why.
    • Jun 4 2012: Totally agree. Every experience, good or bad, is valuable and should be cherished and learned from. Trying to unlearn something would be a waste.
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      Jun 5 2012: Hello Rosa,

      I can understand how unlearning something may seem counter-productive, but if you consider my example below it may seem more relevant.

      Prejudices and biases are difficult to supress in one's mind, so the easier route, in my opinion, would be to unlearn prejudices and biases.

      I would arguably say that, one could learn from the experience of unlearning something.

      Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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