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Canadian Health Care Needs A wake up call and it should not be the patient

I ended up with breast cancer - I was told I did not in Canada. I left for the Mayo after biospsy showed one tumour within one day at the Mayo I was told three tumours were missed. There is no accoubtability to improve system in Canada. I am sponsoring a series of health care lectures bringing in different players to come together with some of the leading innovators for change. Its free. If anyone lives in Toronto contact me-April 6th, 2011 St Lawrence Town Hall. Allison if you are in Toronto it would be great if you can be part of it.

  • Mar 23 2011: Why are so many Canadians so resistant to changing our healthcare system? Why are we forbidden by law from carrying supplemental insurance? Why are so many Canadians so paranoid about having a "US-style system"? Why won't Canadians study and learn from other systems, both public and private? Why is it that so many Canadians say our healthcare system is one of the things that 'defines' them as Canadians? My daughter had neck problems that went nowhere for over a year until we paid for her to go to Johns Hopkins. There they quickly diagnosed the issues and recommended she see one of the top specialists in the world who practices in.... Edmonton, just up the road from us!! JH contacted him, he agreed to see her three days later, and two weeks after that he successfully operated on her. Similar story to yours, but even more aggravating when the right specialist practices 250 km away and could have been contacted a (painful) year earlier.