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I would like to hear people's perspectives about an inherent lack of respect in our culture, and how we can teach transcendence of such?

One could argue hate, war, and crime which have gone on for centuries are manifestations of man's same "dark" side, but are we merely using disrespect as weakened versions of our other sides, and is there a way to transcend it? Perhaps try to bring back a non gender specific form of chivalry, as an example? What has happened to human interaction as a result of so much of us relying on social media, and will this be a contributing factor to the demise of our sense of connection that leads to further devolution of our societal mores, or just plain manners?


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    May 30 2012: Multiculturalism creates stress. Now that America is not longer still trying to become (we are grounded with a constitution and laws) greed has taken over. This lack of respect will remain as long as everyone is trying to be rich and powerful. I wanted to start a caucasian women's support group and was told that would be racist. Someone asked why would a white person need support. Well, because when one is with their own kind they feel more relaxed and share a common bond, therefore are at liberty to share and support one another. It's a shame in a country I was born in double standards have prevented me from doing so. Another reason for lack of respect is the breakdown of the american family leaves children without proper manners. I know this is kinda all over the place. Topics I touched on however have led lack or respect toward one another and our elders.
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      May 31 2012: So you still see the world in black and white? That is sad indeed. I would give you all the help you want. you really need it!
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        Jun 1 2012: I see the world as full of options. Perhaps you need to really think about it. You don't know me. If by my comment wanting to form a support group of people just like me (many do it all the time, they just happen to be perhaps asian or whatever.) Obviously when I said white, you assumed I meant color, what I was am referring to is caucasian ie...that could be spanish, asian etc.) so perhaps u aren't as smart as you think you are.

        definition of caucasian, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasian_race

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