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What project would you propose to change the world?

What would you do to make the world peaceful, populations sustainable? If you had no limits of money, time, or people you could involve--what would you do to convince people to reduce energy consumption, respect nature, and so on?


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    Jun 13 2012: If I had no limits of money, time or people I could involve, I would implement (engineer and market) Economic Development 4.0 (ED4). Economic Development 4.0 outlines a strategy which applies the lessons of social networking and 2 billion people connected to the internet to move beyond social participation (2.0) to national collaboration (3.0) and international integration (4.0). The UN has called for revolutionary change to deliver this in ten years, rather than 100 years. If constraints were removed, I would build the underlying networks of ED4 in 180 days and then market (or populate) them over the next 180 days. I have a passion for applying the principles of social networking to social, industry and political endeavours. I have established the Open Networks Institute as a forum for likeminded people to pursue this outcome.

    Economic Development 4.0 is how the world works after applying Web 3.0 (or Facebook) networks to social, industrial and political endeavours. Web 3.0 person to person networks overcome the design limitations of Web 1.0 hierarchies to deliver global transparency, meritocracy, productivity, accessibility and better decision making

    We can create the Web 3.0 networks on the Critical Path to Economic Development 4.0. We will need the world’s entrepreneurs, philanthropists and statesmen to engineer and inspire their use

    One global Web 4.0 network can replace local Web 1.0 hierarchies. Examples include Democracy 3.0, fueling the growth of SME’s with Equity Market 3.0, Climate Stability 3.0, UNITED (International Governance 4.0) and Health Industry 3.0 plus patient health record.

    Other potential Web 4.0 networks include Education, Resources, Food, Energy and Oil. Peace may be an outcome of UNITED (International Governance 4.0), Democracy 3.0, Education 3.0, and Equity Market 3.0.

    Additional information and a 70+ slide presentation is available at http://www.opennetworksinstitute.org/economic-development .

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