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What project would you propose to change the world?

What would you do to make the world peaceful, populations sustainable? If you had no limits of money, time, or people you could involve--what would you do to convince people to reduce energy consumption, respect nature, and so on?


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  • Jun 11 2012: Changing this post for clarity:

    The biggest thing we could do is use money or resources to eliminate the need for money and resources when it comes to betterment for people, societies, and humanity.

    Why does one person have a billion dollars and a billion people have nothing? What does it mean for a country to owe trillions? The numbers are so staggering that the lose meaning.

    The economy is an enabler for greed, hoarding, and those things are excuses people give to hurt each other either through withholding things from our fellow humans, or by using it against them.

    It's time we wake up, develop a system of 'Human Management' where people are ALL treated equal regardless of the 'unfortunate' circumstances they're in. There would be no such thing as an unfortunate person if we all reached out our hands to one another... we'd all be in the same boat (earth), with the same worries (perpetuating the race safely and managing our planet).

    Eliminate money or enforce wealth limitations to remove the enabler to deter hoarders of wealth and power from standing on the backs of many. When wealth is acquired above the limitation, it's placed with a committee who puts it to use for society. Open the world to manage our needs as a society, not as a collection of individuals whose personal aims come before even basic human rights of others.

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