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What project would you propose to change the world?

What would you do to make the world peaceful, populations sustainable? If you had no limits of money, time, or people you could involve--what would you do to convince people to reduce energy consumption, respect nature, and so on?


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    May 31 2012: Get rid of automobiles - this will save the planet but will never happen.
    • Jun 10 2012: You will need to provide an alterative to some of us who cannot walk, or bike, or skateboard et al. because of disability.
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        Jun 10 2012: wheelchairs
        • Jun 11 2012: How far, and up how many hills and down how many dales are you proposing people in wheelchairs to push themselves, or have others push them? Some of us, too, don't need wheelchairs but cannot walk long distances. Others in wheelchairs are unable to move the chairs themselves and so would be dependent on others for a push, thus reducing their independence. I'm not poo-pooing your idea but I am trying to point out that many, many, many people need automobiles of some description. It would nice if such machines used other forms of fuel, granted, but we do need them or something filling the same niche with at least as much or greater ease and comfort.

          In all initiatives, the needs of the most vulnerable (babies, children, the elderly and people with disability) should be considered first, with the needs of all others being secondary, given the latter's ability to adapt, move, manipulate equipment and space with greater facility than can the former.
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        Jun 11 2012: Thank-you for underscoring the point I originally made - it will never happen.

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