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What project would you propose to change the world?

What would you do to make the world peaceful, populations sustainable? If you had no limits of money, time, or people you could involve--what would you do to convince people to reduce energy consumption, respect nature, and so on?


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  • Jun 9 2012: We need to change our view on power generation. Power companies are concerned with power density because it saves them money. Fossil fuels and nuclear power are great for that. They consume limited space and produce a lot of power.

    Renewable power such as wind or solar are would be far better if they were used in a distributed fashion. You could cover a significant amount of a city if you considered every house or building as part of your generation network.

    It would be silly to treat nuclear power as a distributed source by putting nuclear plants in everybodies house and it would be equally silly to treat renewable power as a dense source.

    We have the space if we start viewing rooftops as part of the power generation network instead of just consumption.

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