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What project would you propose to change the world?

What would you do to make the world peaceful, populations sustainable? If you had no limits of money, time, or people you could involve--what would you do to convince people to reduce energy consumption, respect nature, and so on?

  • May 31 2012: End the world wide monetary system.
    Things don't cost money. They cost people, since you say I would have no limits on people, then everyone could be part of creating, producing, helping and receiving. Money is not actually needed. It only creates crime, greed, inequality, poverty, slavery, war and death.

    Engage the entire world in cleaning up the oceans' garbage islands as well as all the waste, litter and garbage in the world.
    Treat people with respect, first with the fact that the world's resources belong to all and all have a right to their fair share in order to live, so the needs that are basic to all, first have to be available and given freely to all. Eliminate the fear of lack, the pain of starvation and the ills many suffer simply because so many think they have to exist because, well, they just have to. All of it should be 100% unacceptable but to many, they are tolerable and that is horrible.

    Get rid of almost all government as it is, along with politicians. Both are irrelevant to the lives and problems of the world. In fact they create them solely to profit from them. People don't want government to give "it" to us, but it isn't theirs. It's the world's and we give it to ourselves, because we all are the ones who do the work, freely or for slave wages.

    Get rid of countries, laws, politicians and start anew with a basis in "how we make decisions" not who makes them.
    We are all dependent upon one another and most people in the world simply want to live free, in peace and anything that divides us is used to divide us, so we have to eliminate those things that create crime, greed and so on. That starts with money.

    Get rid of religion. It has failed in providing a moral context in which to live. Science has not done this either, since they have had ample opportunity over decades, but have not stepped up.

    How we treat one another, and how we treat other life, is more important than trying to legislate morality.
  • Jun 9 2012: We need to change our view on power generation. Power companies are concerned with power density because it saves them money. Fossil fuels and nuclear power are great for that. They consume limited space and produce a lot of power.

    Renewable power such as wind or solar are would be far better if they were used in a distributed fashion. You could cover a significant amount of a city if you considered every house or building as part of your generation network.

    It would be silly to treat nuclear power as a distributed source by putting nuclear plants in everybodies house and it would be equally silly to treat renewable power as a dense source.

    We have the space if we start viewing rooftops as part of the power generation network instead of just consumption.
  • May 31 2012: I believe that the most important things that people need and that will solve automatically all other problems in good education and continuous learning.

    Through education people can beter understand ethics, society, relationships, happiness and pursue their interests as a job. Education is proven to lower birth rates, help to grow economy and limit conflicts.
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    May 31 2012: With unlimited money I could:1) get rid of all usury-based systems. 2) re-establish an agrarian societal model where children will live, work, grow, learning from their biological Mother and their biological Father who are married to one another and live together on their own free and clear, non-taxed property. 3) Demolish all population centers larger than 6000 residents. 4) establish non-automated villages having no oil-based transportation or industry. 4) Legal, medical and schooling provided as needed locally and funded by a Resident Fee. 5) distribute resident produced goods and services in a central village market based on a currency-free barter model. 6) social order maintained in accordance with a single, literally interpreted document or Constitution. 7) enforcement of one, inviolate rule of social conduct: Do nothing intentionally detrimental to the freedom and well-being of another. When do we start?
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      Jun 2 2012: Where do we start? I like the idea of Earth Ships. Which takes your idea a step further freeing everyone to work on their own land, child rearing, livestock, farm, industry whatever. It's Habitat for Humanity on steroids!
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        Jun 2 2012: Oh! I thought you had access to unlimited money, time and people. Call me when ready. ;--D
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          Jun 4 2012: Brain storming is free! Besides, I asked what would you do if your resources were not limited I didn't say mine were unlimited!

          My daughter got married last May. That day her new husband went to the emergency room and within 6 weeks was diagnosed wityh stage III colon cancer. He was 37. He dided less than 6 months later.

          If I could do anything it would be to build a small Earthship for my daughter so she wouldn't have to work so hard or worry so much about her future or that of my little grand son.
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        Jun 5 2012: I am sorry Joy. Please understand that I was not serious about you funding my silly musings. I beg your forgiveness and offer this QUOTE: "It is only from the belief of the goodness and wisdom of a supreme being, that our calamities can be born in the manner which becomes us."-- Henry Mackenzie.
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          Jun 6 2012: No worries. I wanted you and any one else who is reading to understand where I'm coming from. It's great to brain storm. And for now that is just about all anyone has left!

          I think it's interesting that H. Mackenzie says "THE manner" I wonder what he meant by that?

          I get the supreme being, higher power thing. I'm not sure I believe it at this point. The way I see it is that whether people believe it or not is irrelevant. What matters is that people join together in institutions that are free from government interference and religion is the only place our constitution guarantees that church and state be separate. The state of our religious organizations today makes that possibility hard to stomach!
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        Jun 6 2012: Oh well Joy, even though the quote does not fit your lifestyle I'm sure you can see how it is relevant and comforting to some. You are correct about the irrelevance of matters of faith in the socio-political arena. The only time one's belief is relevant is when there is just you and God.
        Amen to the state of churches etc. in today's world. Do not depend on churches to reveal truth. But do seek truth. Thanks for the opportunity to brainstorm. I think Mr. Mackenzie chose the article "the" as a reference to the plurality of choices we have regarding how we will bear hardship. Consider writing a closing statement when your post closes. The results will surely have value. Peace to you and yours.--Edward
    • Jun 3 2012: "Do nothing intentionally detrimental to the freedom and well-being of another."

      I LOVE that statement!!!! My 6th grade teacher used to say something similar: "Your rights stop, where it infringes on the rights of others". This has stuck with me for 30 years or more now.
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    Jun 28 2012: To remove or make safe the wreck of the USA WW2 liberty ship SS Richard Montgomery of the Kent coast in the UK before the 1400 tonnes of explosives aboard detonates causing the biggest none nuclear explosion since ww2 and killing 33,000 people on nearby Sheppey and the surrounding area.
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    Jun 4 2012: Put a little zazen into every classroom on the planet. It's amazing how our values re-calibrate in stillness, and how the clinging and the greed and desperate ego-feeding frenzy all calm down.
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    Jun 2 2012: So far I'm hearing Spirituality/science, grow food for everyone, get rid of cars and superfluous industry. How would such an enterprise be governed? And who would govern or set it up in the first place? Can the internet be used to create world consensus? Action?
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    May 31 2012: Human being being does everything in life for one of its most basic need , i.e, FOOD. Thus by providing good and quality food to everyone in an organic and eco friendly way would be all that could lead to a peaceful world.
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    May 31 2012: "Project Spiritual Awakening" through science and traditional approach, by:

    - combining science to improve our ability to control traditional process (to maintain our sense of humanity) easily , interactively, deeper and deeper, easier and easier, to create self awareness and know our unique purpose in our life and even more widening our awareness

    - strictly just for the extension of our body's ability, so we can see better, we can access hidden database easily, and many more, but without obligation for widening awareness.

    It releases our own possibilities to create self awareness and our unique purposes in our life, and to improve our control through spiritual energy. It direct us to be able to control things easier and better adjustment on social life. Hopefully these lead us to a peaceful society wider than before.

    Less or more ...
  • May 30 2012: Abolish compound interest Banking. Due to this principle of banking ie. placing a time value on money, greed as we know it sets in. Every person does not want their wealth to loose value therefore they have to plough it faster and faster into the economy to henge any effects of it loosing value. AND herein in lies the root of all the problems and rot besetting the world. Businesses plunder the earth resources just to hedge their nett value loosing.
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    Jun 13 2012: If I had no limits of money, time or people I could involve, I would implement (engineer and market) Economic Development 4.0 (ED4). Economic Development 4.0 outlines a strategy which applies the lessons of social networking and 2 billion people connected to the internet to move beyond social participation (2.0) to national collaboration (3.0) and international integration (4.0). The UN has called for revolutionary change to deliver this in ten years, rather than 100 years. If constraints were removed, I would build the underlying networks of ED4 in 180 days and then market (or populate) them over the next 180 days. I have a passion for applying the principles of social networking to social, industry and political endeavours. I have established the Open Networks Institute as a forum for likeminded people to pursue this outcome.

    Economic Development 4.0 is how the world works after applying Web 3.0 (or Facebook) networks to social, industrial and political endeavours. Web 3.0 person to person networks overcome the design limitations of Web 1.0 hierarchies to deliver global transparency, meritocracy, productivity, accessibility and better decision making

    We can create the Web 3.0 networks on the Critical Path to Economic Development 4.0. We will need the world’s entrepreneurs, philanthropists and statesmen to engineer and inspire their use

    One global Web 4.0 network can replace local Web 1.0 hierarchies. Examples include Democracy 3.0, fueling the growth of SME’s with Equity Market 3.0, Climate Stability 3.0, UNITED (International Governance 4.0) and Health Industry 3.0 plus patient health record.

    Other potential Web 4.0 networks include Education, Resources, Food, Energy and Oil. Peace may be an outcome of UNITED (International Governance 4.0), Democracy 3.0, Education 3.0, and Equity Market 3.0.

    Additional information and a 70+ slide presentation is available at .
  • Jun 11 2012: Changing this post for clarity:

    The biggest thing we could do is use money or resources to eliminate the need for money and resources when it comes to betterment for people, societies, and humanity.

    Why does one person have a billion dollars and a billion people have nothing? What does it mean for a country to owe trillions? The numbers are so staggering that the lose meaning.

    The economy is an enabler for greed, hoarding, and those things are excuses people give to hurt each other either through withholding things from our fellow humans, or by using it against them.

    It's time we wake up, develop a system of 'Human Management' where people are ALL treated equal regardless of the 'unfortunate' circumstances they're in. There would be no such thing as an unfortunate person if we all reached out our hands to one another... we'd all be in the same boat (earth), with the same worries (perpetuating the race safely and managing our planet).

    Eliminate money or enforce wealth limitations to remove the enabler to deter hoarders of wealth and power from standing on the backs of many. When wealth is acquired above the limitation, it's placed with a committee who puts it to use for society. Open the world to manage our needs as a society, not as a collection of individuals whose personal aims come before even basic human rights of others.
  • Jun 10 2012: I recall an episode of The West Wing, in which C J Craig is offered the chance to manage a foundation of X billion dollars and she's asked what her first project would be. I believe she said something about paved roads throughout Africa. I've often wondered about that idea and imagined the consequences, for good and ill, that would result. It would certainly alter the world as we know it along many dimensions - economic, explorative, political, environmental and so on.
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    Jun 9 2012: The laugh heard round the world. Create a non verbal 30 second animated joke that is easy to understand and evokes reflection. Release the video at noon on 12/21/12 and promote heavily worldwide to create an urgency in the one time exclusive viewership of a one of kind, unique piece. If successful, the entire world will laugh at the exact same moment and in doing so shake free from the last fragments of negativity that cling to us. This will in theory free our minds to only think positively and stress, worry, anger, hate will be emotions that the human race evolves from. Why the doomsday date? If certain astrological prophecies deem accurate and there is a cosmic gravitational pull lifting on us, it will lift the 4 evil emotions away from us forever. a Hybrid of fantasy, theory, speculation, faith and science. Hold on to your hats, it's the laugh heard 'round the world.
  • Jun 8 2012: First, I would not convince people to reduce energy consumption. I would provide them with lots of cheap, sustainable, eco-friendly energy.

    Second, I would provide everyone with the ability to connect with TED.
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    Jun 6 2012: My first grade teacher had a poster in her room that stuck with me: "A gum chewing student and a cud chewing cow are somewhat alike yet different somehow. I've often wondered why and I know now! It's the intelligent look on the face of the cow!" Hahahahahahah!

    I don't think that (very libertarian) statement goes far enough. It needs to include something about how a society is characterized by the way it treats the least among them.

    If the first oath is: First do no harm--what is the second oath?
  • Jun 4 2012: Take water from the sea take out the salt put the water on the desert easy.
    Cornelius mattey
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    May 31 2012: Get rid of automobiles - this will save the planet but will never happen.
    • Jun 10 2012: You will need to provide an alterative to some of us who cannot walk, or bike, or skateboard et al. because of disability.
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        Jun 10 2012: wheelchairs
        • Jun 11 2012: How far, and up how many hills and down how many dales are you proposing people in wheelchairs to push themselves, or have others push them? Some of us, too, don't need wheelchairs but cannot walk long distances. Others in wheelchairs are unable to move the chairs themselves and so would be dependent on others for a push, thus reducing their independence. I'm not poo-pooing your idea but I am trying to point out that many, many, many people need automobiles of some description. It would nice if such machines used other forms of fuel, granted, but we do need them or something filling the same niche with at least as much or greater ease and comfort.

          In all initiatives, the needs of the most vulnerable (babies, children, the elderly and people with disability) should be considered first, with the needs of all others being secondary, given the latter's ability to adapt, move, manipulate equipment and space with greater facility than can the former.
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        Jun 11 2012: Thank-you for underscoring the point I originally made - it will never happen.