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Do you think it's even possible to be 100% happy and fulfilled?If yes, what's your way to do it? If no, why is it so deeply essential to us?

As humans we spend so much (if not all) of our time trying to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Some people try to achieve their happiness from outside themselves, others go inwards towards their thoughts and emotions to achieve happiness. Its something I think about and I'm very interested to hear your opinions :)


Closing Statement from jag .

Thanks everyone for your answers, it was interesting reading them :)

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    Mar 15 2011: I think this discussion is more religious than logical (although I can see some logic in it) As humans we all have a longing for eternal happiness, yet we can't. We want to be happy, but we should remember to live a good life on Earth so we can have eternal life with Jesus in heaven. We feel happy best when we help others. (this is the religious part)
    For the logic, I think it depends on the person on the way they try to be happy. Some people just feel a need to be kind to people while others are selfish and don't want to share. Its just human nature. (i'm not really sure, but this is what I think)
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      Mar 15 2011: Interesting, thanks. Your view was more the religious viewpoint. There are also spiritual viewpoints (Getting happiness from inside, from being conscious of ones mental-emotional state and using methods like the sedona method or meditation to become more internally happy and alleviate all suffering) and the aetheist viewpoint (I'm not sure what this is lol), social (happiness comes from being in a scoiety and having deep relationships with other),etc.

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