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What IF planet earth was just : One color, one race, one nation, one religion, one language ?

Does all this diversity in races, colors, religions etc., bring human being to war, hatrated, anger, frustration etc. ? The differences that we all share on this beautiful planet, is it to our advantage ?

Would it not be easier and more pleasant to speak all, the same language, have the same culture, practice the same religion etc. ?

What is your take ? Would you rather live on A PLANET EARTH elsewhere, that it's all the same colors, same culture, same language, same religion etc...If not, why and what do you propose to make OUR planet earth, as much unified as possible within is differences?


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    Jun 29 2012: Hi Mireille.

    I find this subject very interesting. Actually, I was just thinking about this. I lived in a tourist island, where I can see people from all around the world just enjoying their vacation time, and it came to my attention the diversity of races that more often are seen forming a family, and this just brought me the question if one day in the future, we may create a new race just by combining all the existing now. If this happen, how the society will change?
    But as your question, If I would like to live in a place where we are all the same, I honestly wouldn't like it. Why? because diversity is what makes the human kind what it is. If you think about it, even in a relationship, both of the persons involved, are quiet different, because they complement each other. We learned about others thoughts, behave, ideals, culture (this very important), etc.
    It is true that this very same diversity have created a series of problems between nations, even between people from the same country, but I don't think that uniformity in the society will help much, because the very own nature of the human being. We need to learn from others, if not, growth will not be possible. Maybe, if we get to a point where people are somehow similar between each others, this wont last long, because there will always be someone that will not agree with the rest, and will created another tendency or way of thinking.
    What may be the solution? Understand, really UNDERSTAND, that we are different from each other, and that, if I think or act different, it doesn't necessary means that is not correct. Because you don't understand another person it doesn't mean he is wrong. What we need to do is bring back all the values that society has been putting aside, and start being tolerant with others.
    Everything starts at home, teach our children about tolerance, diversity and acceptance, and will be a greater society.
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      Jun 30 2012: @ Claudia : I appreciate reading your thoughts on the matter Claudia, really. Understanting, acceptance and respect of each other is the main keys and solutions.

      Thank you kindly for your input and I hope your vision of this world will come about...it's a great one!


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