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What IF planet earth was just : One color, one race, one nation, one religion, one language ?

Does all this diversity in races, colors, religions etc., bring human being to war, hatrated, anger, frustration etc. ? The differences that we all share on this beautiful planet, is it to our advantage ?

Would it not be easier and more pleasant to speak all, the same language, have the same culture, practice the same religion etc. ?

What is your take ? Would you rather live on A PLANET EARTH elsewhere, that it's all the same colors, same culture, same language, same religion etc...If not, why and what do you propose to make OUR planet earth, as much unified as possible within is differences?


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    May 31 2012: I think in time it will be inevitable. My genealogy is a mix of english, scottish portugese and german. The mother of my children is of irish and indigenous australian bloodlines. Every day i interact with people from japan and china and malaysia and india and sudan. In 100 years the concept of race will be very hard to define as the lines become very blurry. Imagine what the world will be like when hypersonic planes allow travel across an ocean in acouple of hours. Your race and your culture will be something you chose, not something you are labelled with.
    To illustrate my point. I'm a highschool teacher, sometimes in my class I ask the kids to stand up in a line and I put them in order from palest complexion to darkest without telling the kids what I'm doing. Eventually they work it out. Then I ask them to pick the line between the "white kids" and the "black kids". There never is a line it's just shades of brown the whole way. No white no black just all shades of brown.
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      Jun 28 2012: You are a great teacher Peter, keep it up!! Did put a smile on my face...what you did to your students.
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        Jun 28 2012: The best part is when you have a kid who is in touch with his aboriginal heritage but not very dark. You end up with arguements "You must be black you're darker than me and I'm black". Eventually they realise that you can choose your cultural interests independantly of the colour of your skin. Can you imagine what some one would look like if they really were white? I also get them to put thier hands on a piece of paper to show that side of the pointless classification system that gets used too much.
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          Jun 28 2012: You certainly having a blast in your job and seem also that you loved what you do...Bravo again Peter!

          Kids are the best...do you find, that you learn as much as you teach them ?

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