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What IF planet earth was just : One color, one race, one nation, one religion, one language ?

Does all this diversity in races, colors, religions etc., bring human being to war, hatrated, anger, frustration etc. ? The differences that we all share on this beautiful planet, is it to our advantage ?

Would it not be easier and more pleasant to speak all, the same language, have the same culture, practice the same religion etc. ?

What is your take ? Would you rather live on A PLANET EARTH elsewhere, that it's all the same colors, same culture, same language, same religion etc...If not, why and what do you propose to make OUR planet earth, as much unified as possible within is differences?


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    Jun 16 2012: if there are One color, one race, one nation, one religion, one language the earth would be in a peace state and no world wars and any kind of inventions god had created all the diffrence on earth because of to know wat the man is capable of in all the fields so man has discoverd a lot so if we all are one kind the man wolud have not know of war and he will not think of nucelar missile wch are hlpful all these days and his mind would not have been devloped
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      Jun 20 2012: True Teja, GOD as created all the differences on earth, and it is quite beautiful and exquisite, I embrace it with a great deal of respect and knowledge.

      Now, I will say again , the differences is not by our color, religion, language etc., that we can actually see, but rather, the difference of our heart...even if we are all the same culture, colour, etc...if we can still see as being different as a catalyst to war, anger, hate etc...it does not matter if we live on this planet as it is, or reivente a new one, suggested on this debate.

      The differences in within us, in our heart...change your heart, and embrace and value our differences as powerful, and we all, so in need of it!!


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