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What IF planet earth was just : One color, one race, one nation, one religion, one language ?

Does all this diversity in races, colors, religions etc., bring human being to war, hatrated, anger, frustration etc. ? The differences that we all share on this beautiful planet, is it to our advantage ?

Would it not be easier and more pleasant to speak all, the same language, have the same culture, practice the same religion etc. ?

What is your take ? Would you rather live on A PLANET EARTH elsewhere, that it's all the same colors, same culture, same language, same religion etc...If not, why and what do you propose to make OUR planet earth, as much unified as possible within is differences?


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    Jun 15 2012: Hello again Dear Mireille:>)
    If planet earth was just one color, one race, one nation, one religion, one language, I think/feel that it would not be as interesting. It is a choice in every moment for us to see the differences with hatred, anger, frustration...or.....as a gift.

    In my perception, we are all more the same than different. We all share the same planet, breath the same air, drink the same water...we all share the same feelings...sadness, happiness, frustration, contentment, joy, humor, discontent, etc. In general, we all want to love and be loved. The differences are an advantage when/if we choose to see it in that light...it is a choice:>)

    The differences are the gifts we give to each other. It is by connecting with people throughout our world that I have learned more about our world, other people, and myself. By exploring the differences with an open heart and mind, curiosity and unconditional love, I have discovered how much the same we actually are, and that, to me, is a gift:>)
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      Jun 15 2012: Hello Queen Colleen,

      This is what I like about this debate, people actually see that differences, diversity is a strenght and is powerful...that we should embrace it, not condamn it and having a bunch of prejudice, because of some lack of some sort.

      Yes, our different make our planet much more enjoyable, pleasant etc., so the ultimate choice we should make, should be going towards saving it, share it, and love it...We (human) should have a common goal, objective, all over the world, stick to it, and make it happen : Respect and protect our diffences...

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      Jun 15 2012: Hi Mireille,
      I too agree with Colleen, Coming from a land of so many cultures which honestly I am not so aware of . I might find it boring to interact on everyday basis with a person who follows the same culture as I do (maybe I would be excited seeing that person for the first time ).But personally , I have had so much fun interacting people from other religions (among my friends) .
      Not to mention after giving my opinions on TED , the interesting opinions I have received from different people from different countries only justifies that there must be diversity in cultures.
      Our focus must not be in having one religion ,one language, one nation etc but in trying to spread the vision of global peace , harmony , love , humor , discussions and that is what TED is all about

      hope it helps .

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        Jun 16 2012: Hello Bharath,

        Yes you are right, global peace, harmony, love, humor...this is the common goal for the planet to achieve..TED is doing a great job, for sure. I respect it so much...but each human being should do their parts and contribute to it...so it can become global.

        Why our differences/culture put us in such a "family feud"...all this culture is great and I embrace it for sure and love it...but in the same time, people kill in the name of religion, colour, language...so if all the same, I'm wondering if it will not solve these major issues that our planet is going through right now...

        I love my sushi, just love a shishkabab, smoke meat, dancing salsa, belly dancing....

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          Jun 16 2012: Hi Mireille ,
          coming to your question "Why our differences/culture put us in such a "family feud? why people kill in the name of religion? ... it is just a myth, recently a terrorist was captured in India and he has made headlines through out our country and he confessed that he was very poor that he had to choose this path ... It is a very complicated network of criminal organizations to make them divert people or media to make the confess that criminals kill in the name of religion.
          Usually poverty becomes a reason behind crimes.

          So we can't come to conclusions the it is difference in culture causes difference in opinion, it is simply the need for discussion which people are not able to find time out of their busy schedule...

          The only way to solve such problems is create awareness so much so that our vision of City 2.0 is very near to all cities in across the globe..

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        Jun 16 2012: Mireille and Bharath,
        I agree of course, with global peace , harmony , love , humor. I also agree that discussions on TED are helping to facilitate those goals.

        I believe the main reason for crime is lack of awareness. I totally agree with you Bharath, that we need to create awareness to achieve our goal to resolve some global issues. If people truly understood that we are more the same than different....if we all recognized our interconnectedness, we could not violate the rights of others, because we would be aware that we are also hurting ourselves.

        If you eat too much sushi, shishkabab, and smoke meat, you won't be able to move enough to dance the salsa, or belly dance....
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          Jun 16 2012: Global education should be then our goal to achieve for humanity.

          Funny lady you are dear Colleen...indeed balance is key, I believe I am doing so : eating lots, and dancing it away...

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        Jun 16 2012: Yes, I believe education is part of the process, and to educate everyone in our world sounds like an overwhelming task! I believe each and every one of us have opportunities to connect with people all the time...like right here and now:>) "BE" what we want to "SEE" in our world. It can be as simple as opening our heart and mind to possibilities!

        I've had wonderful connections with people throughout the world simply because I was open to it. A young women on the bank of the Nile in Egypt. We made eye contact a couple times, then smiled, she motioned for me to follow her and I did. She brought me to her home....a mud hut in a small village, where I met her parents, her brother and sister. They gave me tea, I sat by the fire in their home with them and we had a chat! They spoke Arabic, and I speak English, so I'm not really sure of how the conversation evolved, except communication is a large percent (65%?) body language. Communications of any kind are a large percent acceptance.

        When we can accept others, it opens up a beautiful new world for us, and I would never deny myself that opportunity:>)

        "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes..."
        (Marcel Proust)
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          Jun 16 2012: I could not agree more with you on this Colleen, as you rightly pointed out more than the language its the body language that matters so much in any communication. Only through such discussion can we bring about a change.


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