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Is it possible to create a Facebook experience in print medium?

Journalism has not changed much since two hundred years despite revolutionary changes in enabling technologies. Do we still need some editorial guys who would sit as censors & select news that we may want to read. Facebook is democratic, lots of people put out stories from their own domain that many others may see & read if they wish to. I believe it is possible to have such a product in print medium, please share your valuable opinion on various pros & cons of this project. I have been thinking of creating a newspaper that would publish 'news' contributed by any member

  • May 30 2012: this is a great idea, but i'd look at the creator of the virtual choir for an incite to the connecting of people to make one thing such as your paper. but pros: profit for you and other members of the paper.a new way of looking at something we all know, such as the facebooks and what not.and more but...cons: it probably wont be used as much as much as the internet . it would cost a lot and it would be hard to start. and more like to leave off with i like the idea and would like to support and participate in this project.