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Is it possible to develop/design a system with feel ?

i am always interested in implementing technologies in real life, how can we implement technologies in real life to make it more better. But there is always one question in my mind.

Is it ever possible to design or develop system with feel ??
It looks like possible logically.

I mean when we touches any object in real life, there are certain kind of signals which trigger to our mind.

So it is possible to create those kind of signals (by some process and send it to person's mind).


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    May 31 2012: Hi Shivang ,
    We have lot of joy rides or theatres which give you that have accomplished your vision. There is a TED talk by Pranav Mistry which talks about sixth sense technology but his talk is somewhere close to what you wish to achieve.
    I guess that video has already gone viral all over India atleast :)
    Hope it helps

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      May 31 2012: Thanks Bharath. Thanks for response.
      Yes, i already know about sixth sense project and also know it is now open source (http://code.google.com/p/sixthsense/).

      But its different than what i am talking about.
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        Jun 1 2012: Hi Shivang ,
        I think I got what you are trying to say , there are some 4D theatres abroad which give you that feel and touch (It is something like they create a virtual forest where they show monkeys throwing some apples at you but actually they ll be spraying some kind of water)
        All I can say is the future has got a lot to offer for us .. There is a lot of research and development going on at the backend which we are not aware of .

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