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Is it possible to develop/design a system with feel ?

i am always interested in implementing technologies in real life, how can we implement technologies in real life to make it more better. But there is always one question in my mind.

Is it ever possible to design or develop system with feel ??
It looks like possible logically.

I mean when we touches any object in real life, there are certain kind of signals which trigger to our mind.

So it is possible to create those kind of signals (by some process and send it to person's mind).


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    May 29 2012: There's a lot of work like this going on at the moment with things such as bionic limbs etc because you don't want to pick something up and fry the circuit boards,
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      May 30 2012: Thanks for response stewart.

      But is it possible to store/digitize feel and then flow it.
      mean when user touch any image/video of let say any flower, he/she also feel like touching like real flower.

      mean Touch + Feel too.

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