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Join now: What is really needed to have a world without malaria? Live Conversation with Bart Knols

More than 800 million people currently live in parts of the world where they used to run the risk of contracting malaria. Its disappearance in more than 70 countries shows us one thing: it can be done...

The question then arises why we fail to repeat these successes in major parts of the tropics, notably sub-Saharan Africa. Although we have seen a decline in deaths starting in 2005, we're still looking at anywhere between 0.7 - 1.2 million deaths per year.

In this debate, we have the opportunity to discuss the 'why' of this problem, but also the 'how' and 'what' regarding possible solutions. I would encourage you to come forward with innovative and creative ideas that may provide new insight.

Thank you for participating.


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  • Jun 12 2012: Hi, Mr. Knols,
    In respect of the mosquito net, I am just wondering if it's possible for the researcher to find some way to make the net from materials which could be found in the place in need. If people living there could be taught to make nets from surrounding materials with their own hands (although these net might not be as good as products made through industrial process,) we might help them not only to prevent malaria but also help them to improve financial conditions.
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      Jun 12 2012: This may be difficult...but an interesting thought nevertheless. Nets need to have a certain mesh size (normally 156 holes per square inch) to make sure that mosquitoes do not penetrate through them. If people have to make there own nets it has to be done according to these specfications in order to have a meaningful effect. Having said that, there is a local bednet manufacturer in Tanzania (A-Z textiles) that is providing jobs for hundreds (if not thousands) of Tanzanians in the Arusha region. So yes, malaria control can create jobs in developing countries also.
      • Jun 12 2012: Thank you for the reply. If we could apply some (lasting and not harmful to human) substance that mosquitoes hate on the net, could we make the number of holes smaller? If the answer is yes, then that might make the manufacturing process easier. :-)

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