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Eating frequent fast food meals causes teens and young adults to gain more weight and face an increased risk of developing insulin resistance. fast food can make you obese and can also cause diabetes, heart disease, and very high blood pressure which can cut over 20 years of your life. Fast food obesity is extremely strenuous for the entire body, which was never intended to carry that much extra weight. Your heart will also end up working harder than it should, which eventually leads to obesity heart disease.
There are also various other obesity diseases, the result of which can be fatal.
1: Heart Disease, 2: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, 3: Diabetes, 4: Dyslipidemia, 5: Sleep Apnea, 6: Blount’s Disease, 7: Arthritis, 8: Respiratory Problems, 9: Stroke, 10: Liver Damage.
Some other fast food obesity diseases include angina, glucose intolerance, gout, and congestive heart failure. Obese people also face the risks of certain types of cancer. In addition, there are several diseases that can occur because of the strain caused by extra body weight, such as osteoarthritis and hernias.

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    Jun 1 2012: Common foods habits that cause diabetes. Pizza, Burger, Sandwich etc.

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