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How to solve youths problems ?

Today youths have many problems I,m listing a few for discussion which I came across below.

Single Parent Households
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Violence in Schools

My question from you is how can we overcome all these & who may play a vital role here, The parents, The whole society that we have made or maybe the youths themselves.

If you want add your inputs on one particular problem quote the problem please.

Note: I edited the question & explanation as advised by by a senior Tedster. Apologies for inconveniences.

Thank you.


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  • May 30 2012: Like a lot of these problems aren't just youth only problems either there also adult problems. Adults also abuse substances, are violent, have obesity and health issues, and over indulge in materiel goods. SO what you have listed is actually problems with people of all ages young and old because all of these problems can affect anyone not just youth (exception of single parent household). You could make the point that what the youth does as a youth reflects into adulthood but, this is not in every case so you cannot just single out youth's for having these problems. As a teen i find this question is actually very age discriminatory and singles out youths as having all these problems. So i think that these problems aren't just youth problems but societal problems. I may not be the oldest and the most educated one here because of my age but I'm tired of being bombarded with people telling me youth's have so many problems when adults have a tonne of problems as well, so maybe as i said focus on society's problems and not just single out people of my age.

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