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How to solve youths problems ?

Today youths have many problems I,m listing a few for discussion which I came across below.

Single Parent Households
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Violence in Schools

My question from you is how can we overcome all these & who may play a vital role here, The parents, The whole society that we have made or maybe the youths themselves.

If you want add your inputs on one particular problem quote the problem please.

Note: I edited the question & explanation as advised by by a senior Tedster. Apologies for inconveniences.

Thank you.


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    May 29 2012: i think the stress of every day life. i was just watching a programme about the immagrants getting preferance to work in our mines in australia. there is also a mining giant lobbying for 1700 jobs to be here for them when the government knows 4000 australians just lost thier jobs and they say theres a shortage of trades man... I think these politicians making the discisions are on another planet making unbelievable money and joint ventures and the reality is too hard for "normal" FAMILIES working two jobs and living on a viscious circle. and kids these days just rebel and want to express individuallity. they dont want to be told what to do and I dont blame them when the public service and the security of our CAREERS are blemished by middle management and accademics who live in lala land and no experience! its similar to the indiginous communities they stick out in country towns from different tribes trying to get along....
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      May 30 2012: Thanks Walkingth for your inputs here.

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