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Is it possible to create a Facebook experience in print medium?

Journalism has not changed much since two hundred years despite revolutionary changes in enabling technologies. Do we still need some editorial guys who would sit as censors & select news that we may want to read. Facebook is democratic, lots of people put out stories from their own domain that many others may see & read if they wish to. I believe it is possible to have such a product in print medium, please share your valuable opinion on various pros & cons of this project. I have been thinking of creating a newspaper that would publish 'news' contributed by any member.

  • Jun 5 2012: YES it is called A phone book
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    Josh S

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    Jun 3 2012: I dont believe it is possible. Facebook is instant, letting people know what you're doing when you're doing it. Print would literally take days to give a print copy of what is happening to every person, and then make print 'responses' to what your friends say. Facebook is not about posting long stories every once in awhile like a newspaper, but constant short updates which print media lacks. The experience is instant messaging, and quick responses and answers. My personal news feed goes on for multiple pages just to get to yesterday. This can't be done by print.

    More economically, the price of simply producing and giving to everyone a print copy would be astronomical in cost and man hours. Its simply easier to use the internet.