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Isnt love the most powerful thing that can be used against someone or is it vulnerability?

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    May 29 2012: I think that loving someone can empower them to hurt you but it still is a minescule thing compared all the days and months and years of trust, confidence and comfort.
    They can hurt you and unleash a nuclear winter on your soul but you will always be somehow 'more' for having loved and been loved.
    Just learning to be vulnerable to another human being expands us in ways we might neer understand.
  • May 30 2012: When you love, you tend to surrender yourself to that particular person. You give them the power to make or in most cases break you down. Although that doesn't mean it isn't a good thing. Love is all about taking intelligent risks and most importantly holding your ground and being true to yourself and to who you are. Never forget, nobody is worthy enough if they ask you to change.
  • May 30 2012: When we allow ourselves to become vulnerable to someone, we lay our precious pearls onto the ground for the other to honor and embrace, or to ridicule and destroy. When we give someone our heart in love, we put our entire being in their hands, fully trusting that they will honor and embrace us. Therefore, I would say both can be costly places to go, one could cost us our pearls which would pain our entire being, but the other, love, if rejected, costs us our far more valuable soul. Therefore, use wisdom, share cautiously, but also remember that without risk there is no reward.
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    May 29 2012: Love in its true form is an ideal. It is not meant to be used against someone. However, because of the awareness of this ideal, some people do manipulate and oppress others without seeming like oppressors or manipulators. They are usually successful because they masqurade as lovers. Shady politicians also use the same method. They present themselves as the guardians of the ideal society. The great man, Gandhi, says that 'the devil's successes are greatest when he masquerades as an agent of light'.

    Humans are imperfect, but there are a few people who are making efforts to be loving, tolerant and considerate. They would not take advantage of the human need to be loved.

    Love is real; but there are all sorts of imposters dressing up in the toga of love and pursuing their selfish agenda.