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What's in a name?

One thing I’ve noticed after meeting so many different people is that no two are alike. So even goes in how one prefers how to be addressed. From Mr. John Smith to just John Smith, to Jonathan Smith, John, Johnny, J; we have developed so many variations as there are people. More interesting is how we prefer the adaption to our name. To be first in admitting, my full name is Jonathan Smith and I prefer just Jonathan in both personal and business settings. I do request Jonathan though and not John or Johnny. Some people I have met prefer Mr. Smith or Dr. Smith and stand strong by it. In business it used to be Mr. Smith and nothing else; and in academia we see Professor, Mr. or Dr. Smith. Of course on the outside the reason is obvious in that it helps us to identify each other, but is there more to it?

So tell us Ted Community, how do you prefer to be addressed and help us answer the question: What’s in a name?

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    Jun 27 2012: IN business or among people I do not know well I am Debra- a form of my name that was never used as a child. In more intimate settings i prefer Deb and dislike Debbie except among those who knew me then.
  • May 31 2012: letters
    symbols, sounds, music and sometimes meaning
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    May 31 2012: One thing that really upsets me is people that assume titles and go all uppity.

    Bob Winner
    King of the US and font of all knowledge

    All the best. Bob
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      May 31 2012: Yes, and that is an angle to my question. The use of titles or how a name is said. For example, Dr. Smith. Its interesting how strongly some people feel about being addressed a certain way.
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    May 31 2012: Honestly David ,
    There is nothing in a name, some numerologist claim that adding an extra alphabet to your name can bring fortune which was never proved .
    It is just a means on identifying a human being.
    We do have celebrities changing their name once they were successful , but they earned it through their hard work and not through numerology.

    What matters is identifying one's passion, goals and effort to achieve the goal

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    May 29 2012: We have our own personality that given outside from our name. Alphabetical has its own vibration, just like playing specific color of music day by day. As we use our name, finally our natural personality can be pressed because of the name, then we tend to change the direction as noted by our name. This can be happened only if we have strong name.

    We can check (http://seremonia.blogspot.com/p/visio-persona_5134.html ) whether our name give nice atmosphere to ourselves, and it will be an added value to the character of ourselves.

    If we think this analysis is as we felt on everyday life, then our name can be considered as a booster to our natural personality. But it could be, that we are feeling just not the same as described on this analysis, therefore, there might be a personal conflict inside ourselves. If we can manage this conflict (caused by the differentiation between our personality & our name), then we can stay on both sides (lucky we are), but if we can't manage it properly, we maybe act on everyday life just like people without determination, confusion.

    There are plenty of research in this field, for the power of name, several of them http://www.mendeley.com/research/whats-in-a-name-mortality-and-the-power-of-symbols/ , http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2007/apr/29/theobserversuknewspages.uknews

    But, NAME HAS NO EFFECT to people that has strong personality (that has clear and strong needs to be done), learning motivation, expert on meditation, and doing another options for practicing character building. But, while we are on a weak state, our name will take control on us. It's hidden enemy or an added value as blessing in disguise.

    Complete name reflects our whole personality, while nickname reflects our short response. We better select both wisely.

    What's in a name? It's the Power of Name that shapes our styles and our taste, silently or not.

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