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Do you beleive in collective unconscious?

For the ones who are not familiar with the term: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collective_unconscious
Do you think that it exists? Are the experiments done towards to prove it are right? Or are they just bad examples of scientific experiments?


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    May 29 2012: what are you implying? the animals conciouslyagreed to head to higher ground?

    as long as it is unconscious behavior and response, how do we know it is experiences, or values and not unconscious communications between all living creatures?
    I am only presenting possibilities strongly suggested by the resulting behavior
    I do question wikipedia, or anyone else that might believe they understand the source of sub-conscious and unconscious knowledge, whether it is stored experiences, shared values, or present communications. The animals have me leaning toward present communications.
    btw, the animals did not travel in groups and were spread over quite a large area, some wild, some domesticated
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      May 29 2012: I (or Wikipedia) didn't even challenge the possibility of such communication, it simply seemed to me to be outside of the scope of the question, as it was about a specific concept of "collective unconscious" coined by C.G. Jung which I believe has nothing to do with a real-time collective subconscious communication.

      I agree that people who claim they understand the source of sub-conscious / unconscious are questionable.

      Can you link to a specific source of this animal behavior you're describing so I know what exactly you are talking about?

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