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Which one is tougher? Brain or Universe?

Both the brain and the universe is not yet discovered and explained fully. Which one do you think is harder to explain? It is said that the possible connections that the neurons in the brain can make has a larger numerical value than the particles in the universe. Yet also only 4% of the universe consists of matter we can observe, and the rest is full of question marks. Which side are you on? Do you think explaining the brain fully will come sooner or explaining the universe?


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    May 30 2012: I suspect that we will find out that the two are inextricably linked at the sub-molecular level, making the answer to your question: Yes! (and no, I'm not being "trollish")
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      May 30 2012: can you elaborate on why you think that? What are the reasons for this "suspicion"?
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        May 31 2012: As we find smaller and smaller particles and waves and forces the scientists seem to be running into situations where what they expect (hope for) is beginning to affect the results that they are getting from "accurate" (read precise/ infallible) equipment. Also if you read the good books of the world (Christianity, Muslim, zen, Sufi, Jewish etc.) you will note that they each are telling us that we are all creators. It is mysticism, but seems to be a very constant theme throughout the great teachings of our world. I can't prove it but that is where logic and intuition lead me.
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          Jun 3 2012: I'm not sure the good books are actually that good. Bit of a mix if you ask me.
          The Abrahamic books are even a mixed bag.
          The first is for a select group. It tells us they are subjects of a jealous and wrathful tribal god - Yahweh.
          The second eventually opens the doors to non jews, (you can read about them debating whether to accept gentiles and whether they should have to be circumcised - making it up as they went) but builds a concept of eternal torment if you don't choose to obey.
          The third denies the teacher in the second was anything more than a prophet and that we must submit to the cosmic overlord.
          They contradict each other in many ways.

          Not sure where you get the idea these books are telling us we are creators?

          Not sure if primitive attempts at social order, cultural myths, understanding the universe etc are much good for anything compared to moving forward based on what we know from evidence and reason.

          Not sure if you should go looking for truth in books promoting genocide. racism, murder, gender inequality, slavery etc. Unless you choose to pick out the good bits only.

          Drawing connections between supernatural cultural memes just proves we have come a long way and have a long way to go. That we share the human condition. That cultures invent stories and explanations. That our mind is an amazing thing but subject to delusion. There have been thousands of gods, and billions of supernatural interpretations. One thing we can say is at most all but one is correct and probably none have come close.

          Not sure superstition or intuition not backed by reason or evidence is the path to truth.

          I think we already know the universe and life is stranger and more complex than any old religious tradition comes close to. We may find many stranger things in the future. Truth in science is stranger than religious fictions.

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