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Which one is tougher? Brain or Universe?

Both the brain and the universe is not yet discovered and explained fully. Which one do you think is harder to explain? It is said that the possible connections that the neurons in the brain can make has a larger numerical value than the particles in the universe. Yet also only 4% of the universe consists of matter we can observe, and the rest is full of question marks. Which side are you on? Do you think explaining the brain fully will come sooner or explaining the universe?


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  • May 30 2012: Science could most likely produce an explanation of the brain far sooner than an explanation of the universe. I believe the brain is finite both in measurement of matter and time, but I do not believe the universe is finite in measurement of matter or time. Therefore, science will never be able to fully explain the universe but at least in theory, the possibilty exists for a comprehensive understanding and explaining of the brain.

    Now if I may wander off the path of science even farther, if you want to bring into account the attributes of the soul and its capabilities that mirror the functions of the brain to remember, to feel emotion, etc., then you have an equally elusive item that science will probably never even acknowledge let alone attempt to explain.

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