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Medicine is NOT an industry. The industrialisation of medicine should stop

The "industrialisation" of medicine is a recent phenomenon.
It has resulted in:
1. Unrealistic expectations of those who can afford it or have access to it.
2. It has taken away from providing "basic affordable" health care to millions and concentrated on "state-of-the-art" for a few.
3. It has diverted both medical teaching and medical practise from basic conversations with a patient to a series of "tests and investigations" which more often than not are designed to help those who "possess the equipment"
4. It has resulted in virtually complete loss of faith, between the treated and the treating , more litigation, paper work and time spent "covering every eventuality" as doctors
5. Like super-markets the "hospital chains" have taken common sense and good food away from local shops and farmers markets to concrete and glass structures where the "shopper" is bewildered and ends up spending more than she/he needs.

We need to understand that the vast majority of us do NOT need expensive, state-of-the-art medical care. We do not need to pay vast amounts of money to "insure" ourselves and neither do we need to pay vast amounts of money to live.

We need to make 80 % of medical care a 'corner-shop" , non-litigious, relationship of trust between doctor and patient.
We should try and stop the uncontrolled proliferation/continuation of the "medical hypermarket". and its attendant "industries --pharmaceutical, device manufacturing, medical tourism - and go back to the basics.


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  • May 31 2012: Good morning Rhona

    This debate I chose to start is not about any one individual. Not you positive or negative and not me with all my faults, my negativity my disappointments.
    It is about what affects millions of people today.

    To re-emphasise what I said before the issue in question is "What if you need medical treatment?". No matter how much you focus or take care of yourself there is a possibility that you may fall and injure yourself badly, you may be part of an accident which was somebody else's fault, you may be part of a disease epidemic just because of where you were there at a particular point in time. A child is born with a congenital malformation often for reasons unknown to parents who are perfectly healthy and have taken good care of themselves. That child "cannot focus" and has no negative or positive thoughts as regards its malformation. Can those parents "ignore the medical industry" ? They can if they choose not to do anything for that child. They can say "let this one go and we will have another". More often than not they seek medical help. What can we do for them sensibly without impoverishing them financially and emotionally?

    The attitude of "I'm OK Jack" is something we can afford to indulge in, in times of peace and prosperity. While eminently desirable conditions they also bring out the most selfish aspects of human nature.

    Thank you for your good wishes for "all I love". Unfortunately I choose to love the profession I chose and detest all that it has become. This debate centres around that. Not you, not me but all the people who have to be a part of it - often for no fault of theirs. It cannot be ignored.

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