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What is your experience acquiring a new habit?

Three month ago a friend of mine shared Matt Cutts talk about acquiring a new habit in 30 days. I was thrilled. So far, I have acquired habits such as taking a picture everyday, writing my personal blog, and watching two TED talks everyday.
Now questions to you:
1) What is your interests are?
2) Have you acquired a new habit in your lifetime with your will?
3) What was your feeling when you added a new habit to your life?


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  • Jun 9 2012: My research experience onthe problem of how to generate new habits reside in awareness about old habits. They are based on beliefs that have to be analysed, revaluated , contested, not only by myself but by others in a trustworthy process. I guess that getting rid of old habits is not only a matter of individual choice and effort but also about a social process. Seems that our beliefs are correlated to beliefs of others. New habits are in this way the consequence of social interaction and not merely individual choice and effort.

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