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What is your experience acquiring a new habit?

Three month ago a friend of mine shared Matt Cutts talk about acquiring a new habit in 30 days. I was thrilled. So far, I have acquired habits such as taking a picture everyday, writing my personal blog, and watching two TED talks everyday.
Now questions to you:
1) What is your interests are?
2) Have you acquired a new habit in your lifetime with your will?
3) What was your feeling when you added a new habit to your life?

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    R H

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    May 28 2012: For me, I make the decision to change. Whether it's acquiring a new hab- 'skill' (Roberts comment was just too funny), or breaking an undesirable one. Then, it's repetition and refusing to go back. It can be difficult and somewhat painful, but it helps me to focus and accomplish this change in the least amount of time. Thnx.
    • May 29 2012: R H thank you very much!
      I agree with you. Repetition and ad refusing to go back are very important thoughts. There is also a proverb which states "Repetition is the mother of learning ". Good luck to you!
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    May 28 2012: I have tried Amazon, ted's List, and local vendors but I have had the best success through the Catholic wholesale vendors in Rome. Once I got a habit from a different order of Nuns but sent it back and was re-issued the correct habit within five work days.

    All the best. Bob
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      R H

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      May 28 2012: Hahahahahaha! That was very funny. I laughed out loud. Thnx.
    • May 29 2012: Robert Winner, It is so funny! I think that was life learning experience to you! Again, it makes me believe that everybody has his/her own way of learning/acquiring a habit or life skills.
      Thank you!
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    May 28 2012: Just for a little perspective and balance I will repeat my recent experience. All my life I have had a sweet tooth. On Dec. 8th of last year I had a surgery on my spine that led to 2 bleeds in my brainstem area. Since then everything is too sweet and my life long sweet tooth is utterly gone. So it is no longer my habit to each much of what I consumed before. I have never had dessert since that day and I not only do not miss it = I dread the very idea. So as someone trained in psychology I have to wonder about all of the things we think we consciously control.
    • May 29 2012: Hi Debra Smith!
      It is an astonishing story you have shared with us. I am proud of you. As a person who loves sweet, even if I do not understand the way you do, but I have some idea.
      Have a long, healthy, happy life!
      Thank you!
  • May 28 2012: Successful. Excellent. Focus and concentration for a limited amount of time. It works.
    • May 29 2012: Hey Rhona Pavis,
      Amazing! Fast way of acquiring a habit.
      Do you think we can apply this method to all new habits/skills?
      Do you think it will be long lasting?
      Thank you!
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    May 28 2012: Congratulations to you for adding habits you enjoy. I know many people who have taken this daily-commitment approach to adding habits, including yoga, writing morning pages, sketching pigs on post-it notes, and so forth. I have maintained particular habits for significant stretches of time and then abandoned them in favor of new activities. I know many people paint a painting a day, many pray daily, many meditate daily. I know people who have a regular work routine, like writing fiction from 10-3 every day.
    And I know others who use their time fluidly and can maintain productive and creative habits without routine.
    • May 29 2012: Hi Fritzie Reisner! Thank you very much for this sweet words.
      I was amazed by diversity of habits/skills people acquire. It gives me an idea of how people can be determined, hard workers and lovers of their new habit/skills.
      Thank you!
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    May 28 2012: My present habits are traveling,talk about new stuff with friends,
    I remember several years ago I'm a funny people,but now I feel boring all the day,
    I'll feel rather happy if I add a new habbit.
    • May 29 2012: Hey Jessica Wang, I like your present habits very much. Traveling, talking with people, sharing your experiences important in our lives.
      If you have an access to Internet, there are many free vlogs/courses in Internet about new habits. For example, making origamis, repairing your computer, painting, writing, etc. If you need addresses, you are always welcome!
      Thank you!
  • Jun 9 2012: My research experience onthe problem of how to generate new habits reside in awareness about old habits. They are based on beliefs that have to be analysed, revaluated , contested, not only by myself but by others in a trustworthy process. I guess that getting rid of old habits is not only a matter of individual choice and effort but also about a social process. Seems that our beliefs are correlated to beliefs of others. New habits are in this way the consequence of social interaction and not merely individual choice and effort.