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Should distance play a role in relationships?

I am going off to college here in the next couple of months and I will be leaving some of the most important people in my life behind. While I leave some behind, others are leaving me and moving across the country. These are people that I want to have relationships with for a long period of time. How am I suppose to balance school work, making new friends and then keeping old relationships bright?


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    May 27 2012: Hey Lauren.

    In my opinion, distance shouldn't be allowed a role. There are so many advances in communications, that the world is getting smaller and smaller. Especially concerning matters of the heart, when nothing should be in your way, a few hundred miles matters not. Keep trusting the person and loving the person. You two will be just fine. He's a lucky man, to have a woman concerned enough to ask this publicly.

    Good luck in your journeys.

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