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How can i stop worrying about my future ???

everyday , every year , every month , every moment
i can't stop worried about my future
cause i have more planing but
sometimes i feel i will be a failure
that's my big problem in my life


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    May 29 2012: The best thing you can do, not only now but always is: LIVE THE PRESENT MOMENT. A practical hint is: close your eyes and breath deeply. Do this several times a day. I'm sure you'll feel better and then you be more able to manage all the issues of your practical life... good luck!!!
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      May 29 2012: thanks Mr. Barlach
      thats sound great
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      May 29 2012: I agree Hilton...the best thing we can do for ourselves is LIVE THE PRESENT MOMENT...always...all ways:>)

      In between closing your eyes and breathing deeply Eslam, which is GREAT advise, focus on what is going well in your life. You are intelligent, insightful, hopefully healthy? What we focus on expands. As Debra says...put your energy somewhere else other than worry. Worrying uses energy that you might use more productively.

      Change your thoughts, you change your feelings, and that may change your life experience. It is good to be aware of the challenges of life, and when we focus on that with worry, there is no room in the heart and mind for new information to enter.

      "Life begets life
      Energy creates energy
      It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich"

      "Spend" (use) your energy in a way that will create richness in your life experience.
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        May 29 2012: honestly
        that's very good advice i've ever read it
        thank's miss. steen

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