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How can i stop worrying about my future ???

everyday , every year , every month , every moment
i can't stop worried about my future
cause i have more planing but
sometimes i feel i will be a failure
that's my big problem in my life


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    May 28 2012: I have some advice, not about your future, but for your present Mr. Mohamed. Regarding the English language. Here is how your question should be worded:"How can I stop worrying about my future?" English is a difficult language and you are doing well in learning it, keep studying and stop worrying about the future.
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      May 28 2012: thanks Mr Edward
      actually Mr Edward
      I'm trying to be better in English language
      so i very glade to participate in this site
      really this site it's very amazing
      finally : i wish to Feature sequence my question
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        May 29 2012: I will offer free correction of your comment with best wishes for continuing progress in your study of the English language:
        Thanks Mr. Long.
        Actually, Mr. Long, I am trying to better understand the English language and
        am very glad to participate in this site.
        Finally, I wish to feature sequence (?) my question.
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          May 29 2012: thank's Mr. long for your offer

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