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How can i stop worrying about my future ???

everyday , every year , every month , every moment
i can't stop worried about my future
cause i have more planing but
sometimes i feel i will be a failure
that's my big problem in my life


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    May 28 2012: The answer to that in every ciircumstance even as precarious as life is in Egypt today- is that worry will never help you one bit. Put that energy somewhere else!
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      May 28 2012: you say put my energy somewhere else
      like what ?
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        May 28 2012: Hi Eslam, Remember that although some of my children have been to Eygyt, I have not so I am only speaking in universals.
        Would you agree that worrying, although human, is unproductive? It will never preerve or advance your life. I am speaking as a woman who worried a lot and never had one of the things i worried about come true.
        All societies thrive on the creatity of their business people. So my suggestion would be to become an expert in 'something' and then traslate that into a business skill so that you can reach into the eschalons that make fruitful decisions for your country or so that you will have the resources to insulate your family from what is cruel and capricious.
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          May 29 2012: really that's sound great
          thank's for your advice
          i get your point
          i wish to keeping touch

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