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World wide teaching of English to kids 3 to 6 years old

Teaching English to kids 3 to 6 years old will certainly increase the learning ability for their future lives, they will feel less discriminations and they will have an amazing ability to use (and profit) from this in the future.

Closing Statement from PABLO KORACH

Dear commentator friends
This innovation is pretended for Chile possibly later on when it already is working maybe
somebody will have the money to feed them and teach them English ( this part is for VICTOR
The next i is for NICHOLAS , FIRST: The reason to teach them English is for future use you haveto agree that is one of the most spoken languages. The second reason is that I agree mandarin is a very important language but the chinese
will speak English before we speak Mandarin. I learned five languages before I was 6 years old and during our escape
from the nazis before World war II. The problem is to find enough teachers As you can see it does not matter which
languege is easier or harder at this age todlers are like sponges because this is the best age due to the cognitive
sytem is at its maximum. Last your sentgence that there are more Mandarin speakers than ENGLISH speakers
you forgot to add the people in India.

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    Mar 13 2011: Although I agree and plan on teaching English aboard one day, any language should be taught to children, indeed every child should be required to know 2 languages. It is a fact more people know 2 or more languages then just one.

    As far as some European languages goes it is easier to learn them because Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and French are very similar in ways. I am not familiar myself with eastern languages similarities, however their are more speakers of Mandarin then there are English speakers.

    Perhaps both Mandarin and English should be the two required languages of youth?

    I'm curious do you feel English is the best language or are you suggesting there should be a universal language and why not English? What is the reasoning? Business?

    And if that is so why not Spanish be the general language? it is the third most spoken and like I said it is very related to other European languages.
  • Mar 15 2011: Depends in subsaharan Africa no. If you have money to feed them then maybe.