Mohamed Mamdouh Elkadragy

Renewable Energy Research scientist, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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I'm thinking about teaching kids how to make an Energy Audit for schools and homes, any ideas or related TED talks?

As part of my work in science communication in Egypt

I am thinking about raising the awareness about Energy and sustainability so energy audit is one of the tools which I need to simplify and raise the awareness about.

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    May 28 2012: Mohamed, Heather had a great idea in thermal imaging. There is also a meter that can be placed between the receptical and the user unit that will tell the amount of energy being used by "that" unit. By moving this meter around they can evaluate all of the "energy users" in the school and then get on line to find a more suitable sub. There is alternative energy sources. Wind energy to be evaluated. Solar panels. Find out what the school rates are and do the math. What if when the next school is constructed mostly or all under ground? How about if it had a green roof? The final might be to summerize all of the data and suggest the perfect facility and provide the and energy costs to be presented to the school board.

    Best of luck to you and the students. All the best. Bob.
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    May 27 2012: This is a great thing to do as a class / school community project.

    My local community (I'm from the UK) hired a thermal imaging video camera (plus expert to run it for us) to assess the leakage of heat from homes. We took images of every home in the area, front, back and side elevations, to show where windows, roofs and doors were losing heat. It really worked - often a home owner had not upgraded all their doors or windows to double glazing, so this project helped show how much heat was lost to single glazed or poorly fitting doors and windows or uninsulated lofts. We also ran, in conjunction to this project, a grant fund to help houses that fell short repace windows and doors or upgrade loft insulation. The uptake was better than we expected since many people were horrified at the heat loss shown on the images - a picture speaks a thousand words - and cannot be easily disputed or ignored!

    Perhaps since you're in hot Egypt you could do the same, but in reverse - where air conditioned cool air is leaking from homes / businesses / offices.

    Good luck (also for your election - I hope Egypt gets the government it wants)
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      May 27 2012: Thanks a lotttt

      this really an amazing idea, I guess we have a grant which we can get a thermal camera and do the same here the way you said on air conditioned cool air.

      also we can state this in our energy report beside the amount of use in electrical energy

      Really nice idea

      and the elections is going in a good way here I hope =)