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I need a TED icebreaker video! How do I get someone hooked?

I strongly feel like exposing high school and college students could really change our future, because we are the future. I find, however, showing someone a video with someone talking about statistics or dependence on oil doesn't particularly peak the interest of most of my fellow students. I need a talk that is exciting or up-beat or something! I want to get my generation's foot in the TED door. Maybe we can start spreading all of these "ideas worth spreading"!


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  • May 28 2012: I would start with the end and ask your audience to imagine the world 50 years into the future, how they will feel if the world kept heading on a destructive course? How will they feel if no one got involved to help make some changes, because everyone assumed someone else was working on the problems? Something along those lines.

    Engaging the audience with feelings can be very powerful.

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