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I need a TED icebreaker video! How do I get someone hooked?

I strongly feel like exposing high school and college students could really change our future, because we are the future. I find, however, showing someone a video with someone talking about statistics or dependence on oil doesn't particularly peak the interest of most of my fellow students. I need a talk that is exciting or up-beat or something! I want to get my generation's foot in the TED door. Maybe we can start spreading all of these "ideas worth spreading"!


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    May 27 2012: Good idea Mitch!
    Maybe there is not ONE "icebreaker video"? There are so many good educational entertaining videos, at so many levels, it is difficult to imagine that one video would appeal to everyone. My TED introductions to other people have often come about because of a particular topic or issue we are discussing. When I know what interests each individual, it often reminds me of a video I've seen on TED, so I send them the link.

    I have lots of friends who teach in elementary, high school and university levels. Sometimes, they tell me about a particular subject they are teaching in a class, and I send videos that may be connected. I have created a few "TED addicts"...LOL:>) Perhaps you can introduce TED videos in your own classes when appropriate?

    When you have conversations with your friends, be aware of their special interests, that may connect with something you have watched on TED, and you can introduce them with a video that is in line with their interests.

    You definitely ARE our future and I LOVE your enthusiasm....have fun exploring:>)
    I notice that music is your passion...I assume you've explored all the great music related videos on TED?
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      May 27 2012: I absolutely have! My personal favorite music-related talk is "Benjamin Zander on music and passion". Check it out, if you haven't yet. Cheers.
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        May 27 2012: Hi Mitch,
        I watched "Benjamin Zander on music and passion" a LONG time ago....isn't he delightful?
        He projects so much joy and passion for/with music...I LOVE it:>) Cheers!

        p.s. Here is my comment after watching his talk:>)
        Colleen Steen
        Mar 7 2010: Great talk on so many levels. Delightful...blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused! Benjamin shares the wonderful gifts of experiencing laughter, excitement, enthusiasm, music and compassion. The greatest gift of all, is to be able to experience the beautiful possibilities within the interconnections:>)I used to love classical music...now I adore it:>)
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        May 27 2012: I totally agree on this one...he is so passionate about music that even me that can't sing a note knows better about a note now and definitely not referring to the monetary one...
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        May 27 2012: Barend,
        Glad you know more about the notes now, and I believe that anyone who can speak, can sing:>)

        See Mitch...this is how we get people "hooked" on anything...with passion, humor, joy, excitement, enthusiasm...experiencing the possibilites!! This is all contagious...in my humble opinion:>)

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