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Can the schizophrenic brain be retrained to work around the dysfunctional area?

Neuroplasticity makes the rehabilitation of stroke victims possible. if schizophrenia is caused by damage to the brain, or to the disc 1 gene as mentioned by Allan Jones, then can the brain be trained to "ignore" the damaged areas and develop other parts of the brain to take over those functions? Anyone done any work on this

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    May 27 2012: There has definitely been work on this, which you will find if you search the internet and elsewhere for information on the efficacy of different interventions, including cognitive behavior therapy and psychosocial intervention. You might start with the National Institute for Mental Health.
  • May 29 2012: Note that the causes of those disorders are many, thought they may share seemingly the same symptoms, moreover the diagnosys is not always nearly accurate, most of the information as already mentioned is in the Mental Health media, and thought a wide range of treatment approaches are implemented the successfulness of them depends on a lot of factors that includes all fields of Human development and Psicosocial evolvement. Specificity of definitions are needed.
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    May 27 2012: continuing... thats with out mentioning my latest experience and witnessing a serious pedestriain accident and mentioning- "holistic healing".
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    May 27 2012: I was married once and the girl a friend of mine still had a violent and complex domestic up bringing living in australia as an Arabic lebanese girl. With this and what she had been through she was diagnosed with bipolar. When we met she had brought herself to a stable life and living with her beautiful Daughter we had become friends. I also with out going into our details of the relationship and the complexities of forming a companionship in the beginning we ended up getting married 3 years into it. I also noticed she was really maintaining her heath reasonably well; not to mention she was completing a Degree in Art at university and she was very good to heal herself to a degree. I over looked this disorder as one of the compexions that could of been a difficulty that might of declined ever working out in the future... So I moved her out of her enviroment to a place on the Central Coast and had brought a home in a real peacful and tranqual place out of the city. over the years we had separated and this is where we transformed our friendship going through divorce and settlement with our son in between us. to cut a long story short We have been separated for about 5 years now and I have noticed she has been so well and a good person I would even say she has toltally evolved and with the continued support as friends and subtlety of how we have managed our separation and maintained our friendship I have seen her cured from this disorder even though she still takes medication incase of a relaps. she has florished into a lovely person and functioning on a "normal lifestyle". So to me I think It was the trauma of the domestics and enviroment she was earlier exposed to in her adolesents thatwas like the diagnosis of post traumatic depression. it just makes me wonder if with some books that i have read like: my stroke of insight, being different (aspergas), quantium healing; people with prior knowledge to this disfunction in thier life can be reabilitated. con't...