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Who is your most inspiring role model?

Who impresses, amazes and inspires you. They drive you to achieve and improve. They push you to be all you can be. Who?

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    May 27 2012: Dr Nelson Mandela,the former South African President, is a very inspiring person.
    He held to his stand against injustice without compromise, it was not convinient. 27 years in prison would not break him; and today he still preaches goodwill, forgiveness, peace and ubuntu.
    Dr Mandela was not bitter against his opponents, and he promotes dialogue and mutual respect as the ideal path to peace and tolerance.
    His life tells of the importance of persistence; another wise man says 'never never never give up'.

    This man exudes respect without trying too hard; he practices what he preaches.

    I've learnt from Madiba that we can all make a difference if we really want to.
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    Zaz Tao

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    May 31 2012: By far,

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

    "Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth." - Albert Einstein, 1939
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    May 27 2012: Slight difference in contrast i know if thats what you mean!!! but I loved the art of people sculpting their bodies whether natural or use of steroids. It used to interest me that people could change their anatomy. I used to body build and they inspired me to hard workouts if I had no motivation. just one of my personal interests Body Building
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    May 27 2012: Gandhi
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    May 27 2012: Who? Doctor Who, not the new ones, old school, Baker and Pertwee. they did and still do

    in the real world we must all wake up to what is going on, these individuals question do,

    David Icke
    Alex Jones
    Ben Fulford

    question whats going on, do research, wake up to what is happening to us all, resist the NWO
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    Jun 1 2012: And Louise Arbour!
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    May 31 2012: Every humble individual who does what is right in the face of great odds.
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    May 31 2012: Current living role model:

    Elon Musk

    After gaining a fortune, without skipping a beat, he founded Solar City, Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He puts everything he can into the future of mankind and is apparently doing one hell of a job at it.

    Often compared to the fictional "Tony Stark" of "Iron Man" because he's young, brilliant and rich. He doesn't have flying armor but he also never made munitions, which IMO puts him above in the comparison.
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    May 27 2012: Jesus, in life Lee priest or arnold schwarzenegger.
    • May 27 2012: Interesting choices, Care to elaborate?
  • May 27 2012: Arundhati Roy, Vantana Shiva, Carl Leggo, Ted Aoki
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      Jun 1 2012: I am shocked to realize that I recognize none of these names except Leggo. If you have a few moments could you please teach me a tiny bit about each?
      • Jun 2 2012: Arundhati Roy is an India-based activist and author. She writes and lectures largely on contemporary issues of human rights and democracy. If you have not read her 1997 novel "The God of Small Things", I highly recommend it.
        Vantana Shiva is also India-based. She is an environmental activist and Eco-feminist and has written and lectured widely within these fields. Both Roy and Shiva are strong leaders and wonderful speakers. Both of these activists inspire me with their ideas and approach to activism and their belief that change can happen and the power to do so is in our hands. Their strength empowers me.
        As my field is curriculum studies, Leggo and Aoki have inspired me in my thinking and writing-- I am humbled and inspired when I read these scholars work.
        Ted Aoki is a Japanese-Canadian curriculum scholar who interweaves phenomenology, post-structuralism, and multiculturalism into his work.
        Carl Leggo is a poet and curriculum scholar who writes and lectures on the experiences of educators, especially how to promote heartful and hopeful relationships in educational communities.

        I feel it is so important to surround ourselves with inspired minds/ideas-- role models that might engage us in inspirited action.
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          Jun 2 2012: Thank you Melanie for that generous (and very interesting) posting. The people you work with are indeed fortunate to have you!