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Does life have to have a fight (cause) to be meaningful?

Is the life without a fight (Cause) worth living?
If your life doesn’t have a fight, then you are not living. Life is a fight. Some people fight for civil rights, some for gay rights, some lead the fight against hunger and poverty, some are starting a new business, you have to decide what your fight is, and fight, strategically. That fight doesn’t have to consume your entire life to the point that you neglect the other areas of your life, but you should have something that gets you out of bed in the morning. Your life is empty without it. There will come a time when you choose to slow down, or pass the torch and take a step back, walk away completely, or act as a consultant to those that are taking over, but your life should have something you’re passionate about. Taking it on gives meaning, purpose, and something to wake up for in the morning, it also keeps you up at night, that passion burning, knowing you’re taking on something that is bigger than you.
You should lead the fight, or play a major role in it, but whatever role you play, you should be fighting.
It may be a bold statement, but the life without a cause, is really not worth living. Do you agree?
Can life be truly fulfilling without a fight? Also what is the major cause that you’re fighting for in your life?


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    May 27 2012: tibetian buddisits thought like that, some still do, but that type of thinking didnt get them rights or fairness when the chinese marched in and took over back in 56.

    Life is a struggle or fight, always has been "u gotta fight for your right.......to party" RIP mke D
    always will be
    its what helps us grow or die, evolulition baby.

    Freedom isnt a right, its a responsibiality you fight for, hopfully non violently.

    But we all have a different path to follow so its not everbodys "cup of tea"

    ps: plz visit my post: http://www.ted.com/conversations/11648/this_is_an_open_letter_to_all.html

    peace and global respect

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