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Evolving a new system of economic interaction not based on limited supply currency

I have been developing (with a good friend of mine) a way to replace our existing global systems of limited supply currency based economics with something new.

I have been developing a new methodology of sharing the profits of human endeavour.

I have developed a business system around this, which will enable it to come into being, evolve & grow... but I need non-traditional funding to get it started, and I will also need a lot of very smart people on board to help me develop & evolve the new system, as well as its many various projects.

The core systems are based on the principles of ecological systems modelling.

One of the key elements of this new system is that nature itself is fundamentally considered to be one of the "share holders", and thus must always be compensated for its investment.

This must be done, because no matter how sustainable we make our technologies, it is our economic system itself which is undermining our efforts, which is socially & environmentally unsustainable now, and always will be.

It is amazing in this information age, that our currency is "information dumb", and by this, I mean that it says absolutely nothing other than how much of it there is. Currency only has that one piece of data, its face "value", but as this number is not scientifically connected to anything at all, the term "value" is a complete misnomer.

I know there are still many people in the world with money & power who would be afraid of such a change, because they would see it as the diminishing of their empire & power... but all things must change. What this is really all about is developing a new system for economic interaction between people which does not create slaves, but instead empowers people, and where resources are not wasted, but always put to the best use we know how.

I want to know who out there will join with me in seeing this thing made, this is no longer just a theory, it can be done, and only needs now money & people on board to make it happen.


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    May 30 2012: you talked about the proposal, but i don't see the proposal itself.

    however, the very essence of money is that it is limited in quantity. so getting rid of this "limitation" is getting rid of its function.
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      May 31 2012: i am not saying that the limited supply of money does not have a useful function, it does, and I recognise that... the useful function of the limited supply of money is that it forces people to act... if you want money, there is only a certain amount of it out there, and hence you have to do something to go get some of it... and the potentially positive aspect of this, is that it is supposed to make people contribute towards society as a whole (do something productive)...

      ...however, this is not the end of the story...

      The limited supply of money, and some other factors, also have negative effects, and these negative effects are ultimately so negative & so irreversible, that I am arguing that whether we like it or not, there will come a point in time where no matter what technology we develop, there will be nothing we can do to counter these negative effects, unless we have by that stage managed to get off this one planet & spread to other areas to distribute the impact of our society on nature.

      Yes it is possible that we will one day achieve this... however:

      1 - it is less likely we will achieve it while the limiting factors of money continue to undermine human society & stifle our true potential

      2 - there is no guarantee that we will develop these abilities for space travel & colonization at that level before the proverbial shite really hits the fan

      3 - it may be that we theoretically understand how to do it, but have long since chewed up the resources required to achieve it (particularly energy resources) before we get there

      4 - the whole time we keep the existing system, people are suffering through the poverty it is causing, and the environment is suffering from the exploitation it cannot support... this is causing sadness in massive levels for countless people, it is causing the extinction of species at an ever increasing rate... and the only way anyone can justify it, is by having really appallingly low standards.

      I for one, expect more of us.
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          May 31 2012: my logic is not remotely flawed & you havent shown it to be so... your assertion that it is does not make it so.

          yes i can dismiss money as a fundamentally flawed tool by pointing out its flaws & suggesting we should replace it because these flaws are not fixable because of its fundamental mechanics... your claim that i cannot is nothing but an assertion again... a completely unsubstantiated assertion...

          where is your evidence, where is your rational discussion, your reasons?

          nothing i have said is even remotely related to whether I LIKE money coming in limited amounts... my liking or not liking this is irrelevant, and I never stated anything which warrants that comment from you.

          the only things i said I like or dont like, is the fact that these problems with our existing currency system cause problems for society & the environment... and if you DO like those problems, and you DO like currency as it exists regardless of those problems, and you dont think we should do anything to change it... then i think that speaks volumes about your character.

          yes i want a world ultimately without this existing form of economic system... because it is a flawed system, and because it can be improved by such a massive amount & it is overdue for it to die... it is obsolete by its inability to become more socially & environmentally sustainable... and I made no effort to hide that, are you serious you needed me to state it?

          you cant brush me off as a "commie" anymore than I can brush you off as a "right wing fascist"

          you dont see what I am discussing because it is beyond you... and you have done nothing to attempt to understand it, and if you have, then i am rather underwhelmed by your inability to grasp the concepts, and your inability to explain properly your exact reasons for not agreeing, beyond the very limited way in which you just make unsubstantiated assertions.
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        May 31 2012: if i say i think round oranges are bad for health, one might reasonably point out that all oranges are round, so what am i talking about? how i plan to make non-round oranges? it is a very reasonable question. if i'm against oranges in general, i should say oranges are bad for health, to still be wrong, but at least make a point. if you are against money, don't talk about "limited supply money". get your argument straight and clean.

        i could call you a "commie" if i would have any clue about your proposal. but we still don't have. pointing out some problems with the current system does not constitute as a proposal. what is th e proposal?

        unless we hear something new, i'm not going to participate in this conversation anymore.

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