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A TEDx event on the theme: Collective Individualism

I've been thinking about this notion of collective individualism for a while and am considering what I might mean by it. The idea came to me when thinking about creativity (in its holistic sense), our individuality and personalities alongside how we interact and form social and professional groups whilst remaining open to other views possibilities. I sense it's something deeper than 'everyone is different, how should best get along?' and more about leveraging personal power (once we've identified what our particular individual power is) and using it for positive change.

I'm interested in what you think it might mean to them. If we considered an event surrounding this theme, what would the workshops, talks and debates consists of?

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    May 26 2012: Unity of purpose is the bedrock of community unity. This is an interesting topic. Collective individualism sounds good, just like democracy. I am not predicting the failure of the enquiry, and we need to make efforts and not resign to hopelessness. But I wonder; will humanity ever be free of selfishness?

    An enquiry like this would deal with the issue of ethics and morals, citizen responsibilities and rights, social and legal structures, and the power of the government.
    Then the debate on the right relationship between individuality and personality,and societal expectations.
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      May 27 2012: Thanks for your response. The element of democracy is key, yes and how our students assert themselves within that. My work is in schools (so I guess this is my angle) and many of these issues are not tackled fully so there's lots to think about yes.

      Your reference to unifying purpose is very useful too. Thanks.