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How to control distraction from work??

They may be situation where you just get distracted while doing some important work and later forget what you where doing and what you had to do next..
So what we need to do in order to control it??


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    May 30 2012: Chetan

    You brought an interesting topic, which we all see and get involved, day to day. I have seen this in some of my team members and ask them to do some minor adjustments in their work pattern. Here are some of them. Have a task list for the day and put it on your desk where you can see. I know this might get changed, but still worth having it. Next is to allocate fixed time to see mails, say every 2 hours or so. Do not reply chain mails even within the office, just stay patient when everyone else marked would have given their inputs, so you have a full picture and then you can respond. Don't send out "yeah, got it" or "thanks" emails, no one reads them. Phone calls: follow a similar rule, unless you know it is from your Boss, don't take it. Keep the small talk to coffee breaks or lunch breaks. Give an impression you are a busy guy and so others wont bug you unnecessarily.

    As the day progresses, check mark the tasks done for the day. This really helps summarize what you got done and what is left. Carry over the unfinished tasks for the next day.

    Hope these help. good luck.

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