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I'm 20 years old and my dream is to design and help build a big part of a city or a new city. Is this possible??

I am a 20 year old high school graduate. My dream is to one day be the one in charge of designing a whole new city or a large part of a city. I need advice from people with knowledge on this subject.

Must I be an architect in order to achieve this? Is this dream even achievable?
Do you know of anyone who has achieved this before?

I love knowing things, so if you have anything at all on this subject that you think that I should know the feel free to tell me.


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    May 29 2012: I would think this is very possible and you can follow some methods to getting there finally. The best bet would be to start looking at City /Govt planning department for an internship and learn how your City is planning for expansion. This should give you an idea of the urban development process in your chosen city and then you can contribute by providing a mock up design. Alternatively, you can learn which architects the City is using for its development plans and try and get a job there. I am positive these steps will take you closer to your goal. Good luck,

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