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what is your favourite taste?

what is your favourite thing to eat?
could you describe briefly the recipe for it?

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    May 26 2012: Hi again Mohammad:>)
    Usually, whatever food I have at the moment is my favorite:>) When I think of all the people who do not have food to eat regularly, I am grateful for every single bite that I enjoy on a regular basis:>)

    That being said, I think/feel that I experience even more pleasure and gratitude when eating the food from my garden. After preparing the soil, planting, watering and nurturing the plants, they produce WONDERFUL, DELICIOUS nutrients for the body, mind and spirit:>)

    One of my favorite recipes, which I just made from plants in the garden, is mint, lemon balm iced tea......

    Boil water, cut and chop peppermint and lemon balm leaves, steep the herbs in the water, add a little honey and ice....FABULOUS!!!

    It is refreshing and nutritious. The herbs and honey have anti-oxident, anti-bacterial, anti fungal properties. Mint is good for the digestive system and lemon balm supports the nervous system. Simple, delicious, nutritious and inexpensive:>)
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      May 26 2012: Hi Colleen
      You have a garden that is great…
      These days I'm living alone for the first time in my life, and I really have difficulty with making different foods...
      And you know... Fast Foods are always there …
      But I don’t like to eat fast foods anymore... I should eat something better...
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        May 26 2012: Yes Mohammad....I LOVE gardens:>)

        I know fast foods are "always there", and that is one reason they are popular. It all depends on what you want to put in your body. My parents had a HUGE garden and I've always had a garden, so fresh nutritious foods have always been preferable to me. Fast foods are expensive, empty calories.

        I love stir fry...cooked in olive oil and garlic, and it's pretty easy. Cut up a bunch of veggies in advance, so it's "fast food" when you are ready to eat. Add meat if you wish...simple, nutritious meal:>)
  • May 31 2012: No offense, my friend, I assume you're Muslim, but this American's favorite food is ribs from a pig; they call them "baby backs" here. They're cooked over indirect heat; slow-smoked for several hours until the meat is falling off the bone tender. Some put a barbecue sauce on them, some a dry rub. Either way is great. Hey; maybe we can agree on chocolate, OK?
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    May 28 2012: Boiled eggs, and dipped into honey, placed on a small plate that already furnished with sliced tomatoes, and sprinkled with cheese and pepper. It's like eating the simplicity of multiple dimensional. You may try to feel it, perhaps your mouth already tingling. I used to call it "egg that bites". Actually, we will always bite the egg :)

    At the end, we could drink warm milk that already poured with strong ginger.

    It's like fulfilling our feelings with small surprises, continuing with warmth flowing within whole-body and ended at the top of my head.

    See how just for this case, when faced with mindfulness, it can be a sweet experience that can bring a sense of gratitude.

    To be specific, it's one of my favorite taste, generally, experiencing something, wholeheartedly.
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    May 26 2012: I hear of the increased reference to umami. I have to say that's my favorite, the really savory flavour of caramelised meat and (some ) vegetables. The sensation of umami is due to the detection of the carboxylate anion of glutamate in specialised receptor cells present on the human (and other animal) tongues.Its fundamental effect is the ability to balance taste and round the total flavor of a dish. For the easiest way to get the umami taste...a recipe? ....with the unexpected but welcome hot weather in the south of England at the moment I'd say just go barbeque (almost anything) and enjoy it joyfully in the sun with loved ones. Bliss!
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    May 26 2012: It used to be sweet and now it is salty. A stroke utterly changed my desires and sense of taste.
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    May 26 2012: hi chetan
    so, who is your favourite chef?
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    May 26 2012: i prefer eating to cooking!!