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this is an open letter to all those that believe in and want to help create a better world for all of humanity within our lifetime.

I have concerns over the social repercussions of the actual end of industrial revolution, being unemployed and near homeless I already know hardship like a ever increasing number of blue collar workers throughout the western world as well as the countless poor of the rest of the world.
Now when robots take the majority of jobs from all people within the next 10-20 years what will happen to the people who have no jobs? Not to mention the capitalist system? No jobs, no money, no consumption, no capitalism, what then, social collapse, war, death?

I have a solution to this unrecognised problem, end hunger and poverty and secure humanity into the future. If the Governments of the world along with the U.N. agree to the principles of this proposal and the outer space treaty-1967.

Create a organisation that is Not for Profit, Non Government Organisation dedicated to the depiction, design, dissemination and delivery of global solutions to the endemic civil poverty and conflict on earth.

continued in part 2 below


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  • May 26 2012: Advocate for sustainable development policies that will boost employment opportunities and economic development.

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