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I'm 16. Summer is here. What should I do?

My last few summers have been spent in my room reading and playing video games. I feel that I am wasting my time and when summer finishes I feel that I have wasted 3 months of my life. I don't that to happen this year. So what should I do?

  • May 25 2012: Well, unless you are spending 8 hours playing video games you are probably learning something, how to work in a team, what your limits are, that you can actually complete jobs. You are learning that you are worth something and that your effort is appreciated. Along the way you might actually find a field you are interested in pursuing.
    Maybe my work ethic is different than the norm now, but killing time is doing nothing.
    When you are my age, you will not remember the times you did nothing, only the adventures you had.
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    May 25 2012: Gotta love summer. Bright flowers, sunshine, blue skies and warmth; so much comfort, the memories of winter would seem distant.

    Life is in seasons. Enjoy summer, love your friends,love your family. Dream of the distant future, it comes slowly, but it comes surely. Have fun. Ecclesiastes, a book in the bible, offers this advice:

    'young people, it is wonderful to be young. Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do;take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do.'
    - Chapter 11 verse 9 New Living Translation.

    In the same Ecclesiastes, the third chapter, the first eight verses talks about time. Time for everything.

    Video game is nice, but so are other things and people. Plan your time and prioritize on what is important. Keep the main thing the main thing for as long as it takes to build you up to the adult that you dream of becoming. We are not immortals, and we dont know how long it would take to fight for our dreams, but we gotta make use of the time we have now.
    This is the life. This is our life.
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    May 25 2012: Read Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. Walk 30-minutes a day for 30 consecutive days (it will become a health-giving habit). Keep a journal for the Summer of 2012. Visit weekly with folks who can't get out much (old people hardly ever get to talk with young people). Move nearer to a decision about your career choice. Try to conquer something you fear (public speaking, heights, confined spaces, etc.).
  • May 25 2012: Welll, you are young enough not to "really" need summer cash, not old enough to have many marketable skills yet, young enough to have lots of energy so I would...
    get on the internet and find local volunteer activities or intern possibilities that don't pay much if anything but are the basis for more interesting activities later.
    For example if you are interested in arts, help out at local live theatre, if you are interested in animals, intern at a wildlife rehabilitation centre, volunteer at a food bank, volunteer at a historical park. There is an equine centre near me that help special needs kids with therapy horses that uses volunteers. See if there is something like that near you.
    Do something expansive, larger than yourself right now.
    You are nearing the last of the summers where you can spend 8 or 10 hours a day doing something just for interest.
    Video games are for losers.
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      May 25 2012: Gordon
      I think spending 8 or 10 hours a day doing specific task is killing time.
      But I don’t think that video games are for losers.
      If it is, so 99% of people are losers, although, in that situation I don’t like to be a winner anymore…
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    May 24 2012: Hi claren
    such a great person you are..
    is that really summer there,
    we enjoy spring here..
    we can share some video games..that is fun...
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    May 24 2012: Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days