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What's in your tech ecosystem?

Two TEDTalks stars, Tyler Cowen and Tim Harford, are blogging today about their "personal tech ecosystems" -- the gear and machines that surround them and help them think and work:

And now I'm curious, people of TED.com -- what's in your tech ecosystem? Comment below, or write a blog post and link us to it!

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    Aja B.

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    May 24 2012: Looking at their lists, I'm realizing my setup is pretty basic! Funny, since I've always considered myself something of a gadget nerd. :) I can't imagine carrying around two iPads plus a laptop and cell phone, though!

    I've got an old 13" MacBook that I just upgraded with more RAM and a snazzy flash-based hard drive, so it's got some life left in it yet... probably accounts for 50% of my computing time. The rest of the time I'm on my iPhone, which I'm almost disturbingly tethered to.

    Beyond that, not much! :)
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    May 24 2012: TED photographer Duncan Davidson also has his tech ecosystem on usesthis.com: http://james.duncan.davidson.usesthis.com/
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    Jun 1 2012: [I'm on the other side of a terrible net connection now, can't watch those videos. Simply talking about my gadgets :)]
    My case is weird, almost all gadgets and gears I have literally came from TED. Either it was part of the TED Gift Bag or the Fellows' Gifts. Or someone sponsored something or gave away for beta testing their upcoming softwares and apps.

    I've got an old 13" MacBook (but it came with the seamless chrome aluminium body, that you find nowadays with MacBook Pro). A Google Nexus One with Android 2.3.6 closely tethered to my MacBook since I use the mobile data almost every time I am out of my office. I've got the amazing Jambox speaker from Jawbone. I love the Jambox! And my friends love me for carrying it always, I love to become the DJ playing via bluetooth from my phone or iTunes from MacBook.
    I got a little Canon Powershot, it sometimes shoot amazing photos. I lost that camera :( I also got a Cisco Flip. It's right now being used to shoot a documentary.
    Got an iPod Touch, gave it away to my sister-in-law, she loves it! Nokia gave me a C7 phone for beta testing one of their apps, that phone could take fantastic photos and had a built in FM radio transmitter (you can turn your phone into an FM Radio Station that can be tuned from your car audio or any other FM radio device). I gave that phone away to a friend. I miss it just for the radio station feature :p
    Got a Kindle Fire this year! You can't access anything of Amazon from Bangladesh. So I had to install Android apps bypassing the default Amazon market to make a good use of the device.
    And I got an iPod Nano with a wrist watch band to fix it to my wrist :) It's now my watch cum little plaything for listening to the radio and showing tiny photos during a conversation when nothing else is there.

    So nowadays I carry these things all the time: MacBook, Nexus One, Kindle Fire, iPod Nano and Jambox. Each of them plays vital roles in my daily life!
  • Jun 2 2012: I used to consider myself a big techie, but have realized I'm such a wannabe Luddite. My tech ecosystem has been reduced to a T-Mobile G1 that lacks internet connectability and a broken MacBook Pro. I thought I'd enjoy the freedom, but find it hampering my productivity. I still wish that I'd known the days before academia and technology became inseparable.

    I wonder if we will be able to survive and thrive outside of our tech ecosystems?
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    Jun 1 2012: I have only my lenovo laptop and an ordinary (unintelligent) cellphone.
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    May 25 2012: mmm, fire good
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    May 25 2012: Fancy phrase, that. "Tech ecosystem".

    How long before you're grafted to your devices? Lots of people talking like they want symbiosis with Machine.

    Not my cup of tea.

    Having said that, I'm typing this on a crappy HP, cos TED doesn't allow for slate..