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Racism is "irrational," but it still exists! i'm confused... will the world ever be able to rid itself from the scourge of racism?

Can't we all get along? is it because some people are racist simply to gain advantage? Or is it plain prejudice? Or a cultural thing...? What in your opinion are the roots of racism?


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    May 26 2012: People are irrational. that is why irrationality exists. Nature, science, and all other living creatures are rational except humans. It is the boon of free will, we may choose to act irrationally.

    Racism still exists because it is a great way to divide. United we (Humanity, nationally, and culturally) are strong but if we are divided it makes us much easier to control and regulate.

    IF you look through the pages of history you will find that any man/woman who reaches a plain of consciousness which spreads true equality to the masses (Jesus, Gandhi, Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., Rene Descartes etc. for example) is killed. These "saints" never die a natural death, why?
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      May 29 2012: Great point Adam! from how you have reasoned, i suspect (is it correct to say) that racism continues as the human intention to dominate others.
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        May 30 2012: I believe you have hit on one underlying factor Raphael..."racism continues as the human intention to dominate others". Racism is fear based.

        What happens when/if an individual or group of people do NOT dominate others? What is the underlying fear? Others will dominate them.

        If we humans are secure in ourselves, we may see the interconnectedness of the whole. In which case, no one would feel a need to dominate the other. What a wonderful world it would be!
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          May 31 2012: "Fear based..." thats an interesting point! i guess a lack of security is also another point.
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        May 30 2012: Exactly.
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        May 31 2012: Hi Raphael,
        Is lack of security another point? Or is it one and the same point? If we lack security in ourselves, it is more likely that we will fear others....yes?

        We are all like mirrors to each other reflecting information back and forth. If we are secure, we reflect security, which may give others the ability to be secure as well. If we project insecurity, it projects fear in ourselves AND others...make any sense?

        In my perception, those who cannot accept and respect differences in others, or think they are better than others, are simply projecting their own insecurity. If people discovered that about themselves, I believe there would be no more racism. When/if people discover that we are more the same than different, we may all be more secure in ourselves, with others, and in the life experience:>)

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