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Racism is "irrational," but it still exists! i'm confused... will the world ever be able to rid itself from the scourge of racism?

Can't we all get along? is it because some people are racist simply to gain advantage? Or is it plain prejudice? Or a cultural thing...? What in your opinion are the roots of racism?


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    May 24 2012: You were expecting everything in the human sphere to be rational? Sorry Mr. Musanyera, it is not so!
    Racism is generalization in action. For example: someone says, "All blacks are good athletes." That is not true and it is irrational, but children grow up hearing it.
    Also, misinformation is key to racism. For example: most of the players on the court for any given NBA game are black. That is taken as scientific proof of what is actually an irrational generalization.
    The root of racism is careless, unclear thinking.
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      May 29 2012: umm... i see your point. (with my hands in the air) i'm thoroughly confused! despite our advances in knowledge and technology we continue to hold onto these ideas?? any remedies you think? or are we in this for the long haul?
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        May 30 2012: Teaching young people, and any adults who will listen, to think clearly and carefully for themselves would help destabilize the root of racism (careless, unclear thinking).

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